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Xiangning, located in the southwestern part of Shanxi Province which is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a river, has been a place of contention for soldiers since ancient times. But through the rolling smoke, we clearly see the simplicity of the people and the diligence of farmers here, and see profound cultural deposits in the beautiful landscape. The farming civilization rooted in war and peace, nomadism and commerce, is gradually integrated with the ever-changing modern civilization, and its inherent cultural elements are also gradually changed in the baptism of modern civilization. Among them, the marriage union and the Zhonghe culture it contains are more and more precious.

Regardless of content, form, composition and type, the marriage union is related to the culture of Zhonghe. In the process of enriching itself and cultural carrier, it announces the birth of a new family and activates healthy social cells. It continues the factors of harmony in the rhythm where harmony brings wealth, diffuses the Zhonghe information between the universe and all things, and has a strong atmosphere of social stability and unity. The marriage union between the countryside and Ningxia with Zhonghe elements also reflects the mainstream consciousness and cultural atmosphere that promote the social progress of the countryside to some extent.

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