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Zhonghe culture is the core of Chinese traditional Confucianism. During the reign of Emperor Li Shi in the Tang dynasty, Minister Li Mi suggested that the first day of the second month of each year be named Zhonghe Festival to worship the gods of Mang and sun and encourage farming.

Mount Yun has been a holy place for people around it since ancient times. During the Zhonghe Festival, people from a radius of 100 miles will come to Mount Yun to burn incense and pray for a year of happiness and peace. That day, Five-dragons Palace and Babao Palace will give Wufu porridge to people who come to pray for the blessing, which symbolizes the longevity, wealth, health, good virtue and good death.

On May 23rd, 2011, Mount Yun Zhonghe Festival was approved by the state council and listed on the national intangible cultural heritage list, marking that Mount Yun has become the living fossil of the culture of Zhonghe Festival.

Mount Yun gave birth to the Chinese nation, created the environment for people to live in harmony with the universe, and educated the people here to achieve a state of Zhonghe. Follow the rule of nature and achieve Zhonghe. It is handed down in Yunqiu for generations. Chinese descendants should come here to feel or pursue the way of Zhonghe that has been extended for thousands of years!

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