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Religious Culture

Mount Yun is a treasure house of Chinese culture, where Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism are all in one place. Walking into Mount Yun is like walking into a precious scroll of religion.

Ancient holy land of Taoism

There are two palaces, two peaks and three gates scattered about Mount Yun. Two palaces are Five-dragon Palace and Babao Palace; two peaks are Zushi Temple and Jade Emperor Temple; three gates are Yitian Gate, Ertian Gate and Santian Gate. Zushi Temple and Five-dragon Palace are dedicated to Emperor Zhenwu, while Jade Emperor Temple is dedicated to the jade emperor. These ancient palaces all exhaled Taoist breath.

The prevailing doctrine of Confucius and Mencius

In history, there was a saying that Confucius would not travel to Jin. Confucius did have a plan to enter Jin, but his original intention was to travel around the world, spread morality, deny self and return to propriety, and spread benevolence to the world. Such intention stopped his step. The truth is that in the villages of Mount Yun, wherever there are people, there are his thoughts. In Mount Yun, Confucius is not just a statue of god in Sanzu Palace, but an omnipresent spiritual landscape.

Duobaolingyan Temple

Entering Duobaolingyan Temple on Mount Yun, you enter another area of traditional Chinese culture, Buddhism. Built in the Song and Yuan dynasties, the temple became popular during the first year of Emperor Tianshun (1457) in the early Ming dynasty. It is not only a Buddhist monastery, but also an imperial Buddhist temple, which is called the ancestral temple in Buddhism. Now the unearthed broken stele also confirmed it was the emperor Xihe in the Ming dynasty who rebuilt the temple. In particular, there is the existing Buddhist pagoda of Duobaolingyan Temple, on which the inscription clearly records: inside Lingya Buddhist relics.

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