Introduction of the Scenie Area
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Introduction of the Scenie Area

Company Profile

“Mount Yun is truly beautiful, and I want to make her more beautiful.” ——Zhang Lianshui, President of Mount Yun

Mount Yun Tourism Development Co., LTD., founded in 2005, is a regional leading tourism enterprise invested and established by Shanxi Longshui Industry Group in response to the political call of national economic model transformation and development, in order to protect and develop the Mount Yun Scenie Area.

Mount Yun, with a long history and profound culture, has been the origin of Chinese civilization since ancient times. Here, the local civilization of nature-human coexistence has been passed down from generation to generation. However, in modern times, due to social changes caused by war, the Taoist temples on Mount Yun were badly damaged, the cave buildings in the thousand-year old village were dilapidated, and a large number of cultural relics were left unprotected. After the establishment of the company, under the solid support of the provincial, municipal and county governments at all levels, and under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Lianshui, chairman of the group, all the staff brave the wind and rain, and forge ahead. After ten years, the appearance of Mount Yun has earth-shaking changes.

In the past over ten years, the company has invested more than 1.95 billion yuan in repairing and rebuilding more than 10 temples; has protected and developed eleven ancient villages and towns to different extents; has constructed and transformed the highway of nearly 40 kilometers inside and outside the scenic area; has constructed 5 large reservoirs; has constructed three cable car cableways, as well as a large number of infrastructure such as the visitor service center, Zhonghe Square, express hotel, office building, business center, park, tourism toilet, water slide playground, purified water plant, and sewage treatment plant. The company has also actively fulfilled social responsibilities, benefited the township, completed the construction of two new rural immigrants and supported electric power, telecommunication, water conservancy, communications, digital optical cable and other facilities. The company has built Dahe Primary School to provide a good-quality environment for the education and growth of the children of surrounding villagers.

By promoting environmental protection, cultural protection, cultural heritage and product development with the tourism industry, Mount Yun Scenic Area Will contribute to the society and the local residents with the unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, so as to make Mount Yun more beautiful and the local culture inherited.

Profile of Scenie Area

Mount Yun Scenie Area is a national AAAA level scienic area, known as “Kunlun”and “Beiding” in ancient times. It is located in the core circle of Hefen Civilization, the geographical indication of Chinese native culture, one of the birthplaces of Chinese agricultural civilization, the intangible cultural heritage place of Zhonghe culture, and the core tourist spot of Jinnan Genzu culture. It is the origin of Chinese civilization, known as the growth ring of China.

Mount Yun is located in Xiangning County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, at the intersection of Mount Lvliang and Fenwei Graben. The total area of Mount Yun is 210 square kilometers, with the main developmented area of 35 square kilometers. The highest peak, the Jade Emperor Temple, is 1,629 meters above the sea level. Mount Yun is rich in natural resources, cultural landscape and cultural heritage. It is one of the few comprehensive tourist resort scienic areas in south Shanxi Province that integrates the functions of tourism, leisure, entertainment, vacation, health, folk experience, cultural exchange and so on.

Top Scenie Area of Hefen

Mount Yun has green peaks and beautiful scenery, known as the most beautiful peak in Gushe and the top scienic area in Hefen. With excellent ecological environment and high forest coverage rate which reaches 89 percent, it has the largest natural ice cave, wind tunnel groups and natural red leaf landscape in China. There are more than 2700 species of plants and animals. It is a paradise for rare species such as the first-grade state protected brown-eared pheasant, the second-grade protected elaeagnus mollis as well as all kinds of rare ancient trees and herbs, so it is also a valuable natural gene treasury.

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