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Mount Yun is the holy land of Chinese agricultural civilization. The mountain fields are rich in whole grains. For a long time, people living here not only eat the grain, but also steam it into a variety of flower buns. Mount Yun can be roughly divided into three types: seasonal steamed bread, buns for weddings and funerals and buns for daily food. The purpose of the bun is roughly divided into worshipping heaven and earth, worshipping ancestors, ghosts and gods, interpersonal communication (such as visiting relatives and friends, marriage, etc.) and daily consumption.

Mount Yun flower bun has a long history. Since Xihe observed the sky, measured time and made the calendar here, the development of farming civilization has been greatly promoted, and cereals became the main food of the people. With the abundance of food, a variety of steamed buns gradually appeared. These steamed buns, called flower bun for short, contain the good wishes of people who fear heaven and earth, pray for the protection of the gods, pray for a good marriage, the continuous succession of descendants and the prosperity of the country.

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