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Warm Service

Inquiry hotline:0357-6034567;

Infrastructure and service: providing tourists with purchase of entrance tickets and transportation tickets, taxi service, online room booking, armchairs, free water and lounge, attraction introduction, luggage deposit, handling of tourist complaints as well as summary and feedback;

Inquiry hotline:0357-6034567/15735941862;Location:2nd floor of the Ticket Center;

Basic services:providing tourists and groups with route guide and interpretation on the vehicle.

Senior lounge: reception center plaza/ Hulu Lake along the rear mountain line

Infrastructure: drinking fountain, daily rest

Room of mother and infant: reception center plaza/ Gourd Pool along the rear mountain

Infrastructure: microwave oven, sofa, refrigerator, crib, baby products, drinking fountain, special lactation area, play ground, and infant care area;

Tel:0357-6034567 transferring to medical room

Basic services:providing basic medical and emergency services for tourists and residents

Inquiry hotline:0357-6034567 transferring to motorcade

Basic services:providing bus station and airport pick-up service for tourists and groups

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